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In just a few steps you will be entering the innovative world of MGI. Ready?

What support will I get during the program?

During this program, you will benefit from MGI expertise and technical facilities, and from upstream to downstream steps of the development of your libraries' preparation kits that will be fully compatible with MGI sequencing platforms.

Regarding the IVDR certification step, our partner Platomics will provide you with adapted support to ease the process.

Who is the program dedicated to?

If your aim is to improve patient care through personalized medicine, based on molecular diagnosis from MGI sequencing technology, then this program is designed for you.

The Empowerment Program is as equally dedicated to diagnosis companies, as it is to Public Institutions aiming to develop relevant and efficient genetic testing based on MGI innovative sequencing technology.

This program will also provide support to assist and ease the process of obtaining IVDR certification for your diagnostic solution based on MGI technology and platform.

How will I know if i will be part of the program?

Your application will be reviewed by a dedicated group of experts from MGI and you will ne notified of the decision through the email address you provided in your application before the 31st of December, 2022.

MGI Empowerment Program
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