MGI is committed to lead Life Science Innovation by developing and promoting Advanced Life Science tools for Future Healthcare and on a mission to make NGS technology accessible for all.

To make this possible, MGI has designed the Empowerment Program.

This program aims to collaborate with diagnostic companies to develop library preparation kits that are fully compatible with MGI platforms, including the facilitation and acceleration of the IVDR certification process through the support of MGI's notable collaborator, Platomics.

By joining the Empowerment Program, you will access the precision of the innovative DNBSEQ ™ technology for your sequencing analysis, based on the HotMPS new chemistry developed by MGI.

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    Why join the MGI Empowerment program?

    • Access MGI DNBSEQ™ sequencing technology to unlock your scientific capabilities
    • Develop your Library preparation kit fully compatible with MGI sequencing platforms
    • Get support from MGI experts and access MGI technical facilities
    • Accelerate the process to develop IVDR grade compliant sequencing solution
    • Access MGI collaborative partner wherever you are
    MGI Empowerment Program overview

    * Benefit a complete support from our Teams, from scientific to technical expertise, to develop effective and reliable Library preparation kit that completely match your attempt and fully compatible with MGI technology

    ** PlatoX IVD Assistant will help our partners to quickly get their products IVDR compliant. This is being achieved in three steps: 1) qualify your products for instant integration in LDT workflows. 2) generate your technical documentation at speed in a digital format. 3) (optionally) minimize Notified Body waiting time by a digital review process and submission, conformity assessment and CE-marking.

    Unlock your scientific capabilities​ by accessing innovative NGS technology
    Interest in joining the Empowerment Program?
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