The Zenith of Genomic Speed, Accuracy, and Adaptability
Rest easy knowing your data is safe and secure. The ZTRON Appliance fully complies with GDPR regulations, ensuring the highest standards of data protection. Say goodbye to exorbitant IT maintenance costs as this robust platform streamlines your operations and maximizes cost-efficiency. Experience the future of genomics research with the ZTRON Appliance – where innovation, reliability, and compliance converge to empower your scientific endeavors like never before.

ZTRON Appliance Genomics (Genetic) Data Center

Unlock the full potential of your genomics research with the ZTRON Appliance, a cutting-edge data platform meticulously crafted by MGI for high-throughput sequencers. It seamlessly integrates a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), a bioinformatics accelerator, and high-performance genetic data storage, making it the ultimate solution for your genomic data needs.
Whether you're working in a laboratory setting or a traditional data center, the ZTRON Appliance is your versatile ally. It offers effortless deployment, independent scalability, and can adapt to your evolving research requirements with ease.
Data delivery and governance
Dynamic data management is enabled via rule-based functions including automatic data delivery, automatic data deletion, etc.
One-stop Platform
Seamless and smooth coordination between DNBSEQ-T7 and ZTRON Lite
The Zenith of Genomic Speed, Accuracy, and Adaptability
ZTRON Appliance by MGI: The nucleus of genomic innovation—delivering unparalleled DNBSEQ sequencing, high-capacity data storage, and transformative bioinformatics tools for game-changing research. Trusted by luminaries in the genomics field such as BGI Research, Karolinska Institute, and the APAC Million Population Genome Project, ZTRON Appliance is the cornerstone for researchers pioneering in the genomic revolution.
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