MGISP-Smart 8: Automated Pipetting Powerhouse
This robotic system comes with an independent 8-channel pipette, designed specifically to cater to diverse pipetting needs ranging from 1 μL to 1000 μL. Adaptable to microplates, reservoirs, and tubes, MGISP-Smart 8 not only minimizes the chance of human error but also offers efficiency through its integrated functionalities such as the PCR machine, shaker, and temperature control. With its robust customizability, MGISP-Smart 8 stands as a paragon of precision and convenience in the lab setting.
Precision Automated Pipetting System
MGISP-Smart 8 brings to you a world-class automated pipetting robot with an 8-channel independent setup, engineered for optimal efficiency and accuracy. With its ability to adapt seamlessly to various lab instruments like tubes, microplates, and reservoirs, it ensures an error-free pipetting experience. The integration of modules, such as the PCR machine and magnetic rack, provides a holistic solution to your lab's pipetting challenges. To further enhance your lab operations, MGISP-Smart 8 features sensing and barcode scanning functionalities, ensuring a smooth, error-free process from start to finish.

MGISP-Smart 8 features:

Independent 8-channel pipette

Broad pipetting range: 1 μL to 1000 μL

Adaptability to different lab instruments

Integration of advanced modules

Sensing and Barcode Scanning functionality

Intelligent Sensing & Barcode Scanning
Integrated Pipetting Robot Arm Flexible and Efficient
Slide Track Deck Design High Compatibility
Configurable Deck

30 independent tracks
Active rack position sensing
Multiple types of consumable carriers
Frame mounted vertical test tube scanner
Scans as deck is manually loaded
Most cost effective on market
Standard on platform
Data file record for tube and rack position
Independent 8-channel Pipette Tool
Tube Scanner

Independent volumes with a variety of tip sizes
Variable independent channel spacing
Pipetting ranges from 1μL to 1000μL
Both liquid level sensing cLLD and pLLD
Flexible automation pipetting workstation for tube to plate applications
Multiple rack options allow customization for different labware configurations
For use in genomics, cell biology, proteomics, drug development, microbial screening, and more
Plate Scanner
Customizable for Applications
Horizontal plate bar code scanner
Attached to gripper tool for full deck access
Data file record for plate and rack position
Plate Gripper
Gripper on independent drive system than channels
Gripper wrist allows for rotation and off-deck peripheral instrument access
Real-time sensing of the grip force status, to ensure the stability of the experiment
Standard equipment on platform
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