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DNBSEQ Sequencing Packages
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Shattering the limits of sequencing speed with DNBSEQ-G99
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Unlock the Future of Genomics with DNBSEQ™ Technology by MGI. Merging unparalleled accuracy with high-throughput capabilities, this breakthrough platform represents a quantum leap in DNA sequencing. By leveraging DNA Nanoballs (DNB) and our proprietary cPAS technology, DNBSEQ™ delivers unparalleled fidelity in Whole Genome and Exome Sequencing. The technology's state-of-the-art base calling algorithms and unique DNA Nanoball preparation set a new gold standard, making it an imperative tool for cutting-edge genomics research and precision medicine.
The DNBSEQ™ Advantage
Increased Accuracy: DNBSEQ™ boosts detection precision in WGS and WES through DNA Nanoballs and high signal density chips.

Efficient Amplification: Utilizes Rolling Circle Amplification (RCA) for error-minimized, high-accuracy sequencing.

High Throughput: Optimized chip utilization and reagent efficiency deliver high throughput and cost-effectiveness.

Advanced cPAS Technology: Accelerates base calling and shortens reaction time with high-speed, high-accuracy cPAS technology.

Proprietary Algorithms: Sub-pixel Registration and GPU acceleration enhance base call accuracy and data processing speed.