Million Microbiomes
from Humans project (MMHP)

Vision and Mission

An increasing number of studies has highlighted the important role of the microbiome in human health and disease. However, information on the composition of the microbiome in different parts of the body across countries, ages, sexes, and in relation to human health and disease is still limited. More importantly, though thousands of peer-reviewed papers have been published, very few open access databases are available.

With the featured MGI DNBSEQ™ sequencing technology, the MMHP aims to sequence and analyze one million microbiome samples in the coming 3-5 years, focusing on feces and saliva (other body sites for which large number of samples can be obtained will be accepted), and make the first comprehensive map of the human microbiome publicly available.

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  • Lars Engstrand
    Director of Center for Translational Microbiome Research at Karolina Institute, Sweden
  • Stanislav Dusko Ehrlich
    Director of MetaGenopolis at INRA, France
  • Guang Ning
    Director of Shanghai national Clinical Research Center for Metabolic Diseases, China
  • Junhua Li
    Principal Scientist at BGI Research, China
  • Binyam OQUBAY
    MMHP Coordinator and MGI representative
  • Zhe Zhang
    MMHP Coordinator and BGI Research representatiive 

MMHP in 3 numbers

  • > 130 000 Samples

  • 21 Institutes

  • +10 Nations participating in the cohort study

DNBSEQ™ Technology

The project benefit the efficiency and the precision of MGI's technology.
MGI has developed its sequencing proprietary technologies DNBSEQ ™. This patented technology uses rolling circle amplification and patterned array technology to deliver more accurate sequencing data with decreased duplicates and free of index hopping, error accumulation and amplification bias of PCR technology.

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