The MGI Tour 2023 made unforgettable stops in Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand, marking another successful chapter in the continuous journey of discovery and learning.

At the Event
The tour provided an exclusive platform for professionals to delve into MGI's groundbreaking technology. Highlights included:
Introduction to MGI's Technology: Attendees were offered an in-depth look into MGI's innovative NGS applications, understanding the potential and efficiency of the solutions.
User Experience Sharing: The program was enriched with real-life experiences and insights shared by esteemed guests. Joël Lachuer, Director of ProfileXpert, and Jérôme Salse, Research Director at INRAE, honored the events with their presence, detailing their hands-on experience with MGI's technology.

Special Acknowledgments
Our heartfelt gratitude to Joël Lachuer, Séverine Croze, and the ProfileXpert platform for their warm welcome and invaluable contributions. Their shared wisdom added depth and perspective to the tour, inspiring both newcomers and seasoned professionals.

The MGI Tour 2023 in Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand was more than an event; it was an interactive hub of expertise, collaboration, and forward-thinking. Thank you to all participants and collaborators for making this a resonant success.

Innovations Shared, Connections Made, See You Next Time!
Our Speakers
Sales Engineer @ MGI
Abraham Saliba
Dong Luo-Danneker
Director @ ProfileXpert
Joël Lachuer