The Pinnacle of Speed, Precision, and Scalability
Embedded with the ZMART application marketplace, MegaBOLT opens up a world of extended functionality through more than 100 add-on applications. Designed for seamless scalability, the system effortlessly integrates with the ZLIMS Lite laboratory information management system, offering you unprecedented control over sample experiment tracking, data management, and analysis task scheduling.
MegaBOLT Bioinformatics Analysis Accelerator

Unlock the full potential of your genomic data analysis with MegaBOLT, the cutting-edge hardware acceleration system designed exclusively for Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS). Tailored to revolutionize Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), Whole Exome Sequencing (WES), and Panel Sequencing on both Germline and Somatic data, MegaBOLT offers a seismic speed advantage—up to 20x faster than traditional algorithms. Need even more power? Opt for the ZBOLT Pro, our ultra-high-performance variant, offering an astonishing 300x speed increase.
Choose the version that best suits your needs:

MegaBOLT Workstation Server: Ideal for small to medium enterprises, featuring 30TB hard disk storage and an annual full-load analysis capacity of up to 5,000 WGS (30X) per set.

ZBOLT Pro Rack Server: Designed for computational intensity, with an annual full-load analysis capacity of up to 15,000 WGS (30X) per set, requiring server room/rack.

ZBOLT Pro with Ultra-High Performance: Tailored for the most demanding tasks, offering an annual full-load analysis capacity of up to 70,000 WGS (30X) per set, requiring server room/rack.

At its core, MegaBOLT prioritizes precision. With its deep learning variant calling module, MegaBOLT-DV, achieve remarkable SNP 99.9% and INDEL 99% accuracy rates. The web-based user interface eliminates the need for a bioinformatics background, allowing effortless task submissions and real-time results monitoring.
Elevate your laboratory’s bioinformatics analysis to unparalleled speeds without compromising on precision or scalability. Experience the future with MegaBOLT.

Elevate Your Bioinformatics to the Speed of Light with
MegaBOLT is MGI's breakthrough in MPS-dedicated hardware acceleration for bioinformatics. Power through Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), Whole Exome Sequencing (WES), and Panel Sequencing tasks on Germline or Somatic data at speeds up to 20 times faster than classical algorithms. For those who demand ultra-high performance, our ZBOLT Pro version pushes the envelope, clocking in at 300 times faster.
User Friendly
The Web design makes MegaBOLT simple and easy to use. You can just click a couple of buttons to submit a task and check the results on the website. In this case, a bioinformatic technical back- ground is no longer necessary.
Heterogeneous computing accommodates high-speed sequence analysis
Megabolt applies heterogeneous computing to the workflow from FASTQ input of sequencing data to BAM output of alignment result and VCF/gVCF output of variant calling result. We adopt a multi-stream computing architecture and divide data into smaller granules for higher efficiency. We also further streamlined the whole process and developed a highly parallelized computing architecture, thus realizing highspeed WGS/WES analysis and computing.
Specialized hardware logic circuit for Bioinformatics
Computing Multi-stream computing architecture
Highly parallelized computing architecture
Advantages comparing to traditional analysis workflow:
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