Strengthen your daily sequencing capabilities
DNBSEQ-G400 Genetic Sequencer - Your Day-to-Day Sequencing Solution
Discover the DNBSEQ-G400 by MGI – where unmatched sequencing capabilities meet streamlined operational efficiency.
Comprehensive and versatile benchtop sequencer for medium to large genome sequencing projects, supporting five read lengths covering applications from fertility testing and rapid pathogen detection to tumor detection, transcriptome, WGBS, WES and WGS
DNBSEQ-G400 is a versatile benchtop sequencer that provides users with accurate, flexible, and efficient sequencing options. It utilizes an optimized optical and biochemical system, and the platform is equipped with primary data analysis software.

Innovative DNBSEQ™ Technology: Experience the synergy of advanced biochemistry, optics, fluidics, and temperature control.

Unrivalled flexibility: Two types of flow cells, one or two flow cells per run & various read lengths​

Integrated Research Ecosystem: Seamless compatibility with an array of products, from the MGI's automated library preparation systems to cutting-edge bioinformatic analysis tools for tumor mutation detection and whole genome sequencing.

Unmatched efficiency: four lines in the large flow cell that can be loaded independently with different samples

Step into a world where precision, storage, and versatility reign supreme. With the DNBSEQ-G400, redefine your research boundaries.
Your Data Security is Our Top Priority
All our sequencing platforms can work as standalone systems from sample to result without any network connection. As a result, there is no risk of a data breach and you can be assured your data is secure.
Performance Parameters
* The maximum number of effective reads and data output are based on the sequencing of an internal standard library. Actual output may vary depending on sample type and library preparation method.
**Run time was calculated based on dual flow cell mode, and includes sample loading, sequencing, base calling and data processing
*** The percentage of base above Q30 is the average of an internal standard library over the entire run. The actual performance is affected by factors such as sample type, library quality, and insert fragment length.
+This read length is for IVD use only.
Instrument Specifications
The DNBSEQ sequencing platforms are for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
*Unless otherwise informed, this StandardMPS sequencing reagent is not available in Germany, UK, Sweden, and Switzerland.
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