Precision Meets Speedy Automation
MGISP-960 High-throughput Automated Sample Preparation System is a flexible, fully automated workstation with 96-channel pipette. MGISP-960 has validated lots of library kits including WES/WGS/RNA and so on. MGISP-960, with fully automatic operation design, can realize unmanned process and be customized according to customer needs. It is an efficient and widely-used automated sample preparation system.
High-throughput Automated Sample Preparation Platform
The MGISP-960 accomplishes plate to plate transfers for high speed microplate processing applications like library prep, ELISA assays, screening and many more. Equipped with a 96 channel pipetting tool, flexible deck configurations and a microplate gripper as standard tools, a wide variety of applications can be accomplished. The platform allows a variety of tip sizes, robotic microplate and cover moving; combine this with different peripheral devices like a magnetic plate position and heater/shaker and full NGS methods are completed quickly and efficiently. Contact us to discuss how your methods fit on our value line automation platforms.

MGISP-960 has validated methodology and a library kits including:


Exome/Target Sequencing

RNA / Transcriptome Sequencing

Tumour mutation gene detection



Amplicon Sequencing
Open Platform
Tailored development crafted to meet specific and unique requirements.
Comprehensive Protection
UV Lamp & Flow Hood Comprehensive Contamination Prevention
Economic & Efficient
Autonomous Bulk Processing
Minimal Manual Intervention
Comprehensive Functions
Integrated PCR, Magnetic Rack & Temperature Modules
Plate Gripper
Integrated on 96 channel pipetting tool
Works under pipetting tool to move plates and covers
Flexibility handling a variety of labware
Flexible platform deck with 24 microplate positions
Integrated peripherals; heater, shaker, PCR units, mag positions, etc.
96-Channel High Precision Pipetting Tool
Platform Deck
High-throughput plate to plate processing 96 channel pipetting tool
Tool handles 8 tip row pick up to 96 tips at a time for efficient and flexible liquid handling
HEPA & UV Disinfection Lamp
Provides fast and precise temperature control (4- 99oC) to ensure accurate reaction temperatures while connecting workflow between Pre- and Post-PCR, minimizing manual interruption during the procedure
Integrated ultraviolet disinfection before and after the experiment
Effectively avoids pathogens and aerosols
PCR Temperature Module
Magnetic Bead Purification Module
Fully integrated high magnetic field strength deck module for rapid and efficient separation methods
Allows for effective fully automated extraction and purification processes
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