Precision Meets Speedy Automation
MGISP - 7000
MGISTP-7000 represents a new era in laboratory automation, conceived to meet the demands of high productivity without compromising safety or quality. It seamlessly integrates functionalities such as barcode identification, tube decapping, automated liquid transfer, and negative pressure protection, creating a comprehensive sample preparation solution.
Application Driven


High-Throughput Automated Sample Processing System

The MGISTP-7000 is a game-changer in lab automation, streamlining both sample transfer and nucleic acid detection to new heights.
Unmatched Safety: The system incorporates dual HEPA filters and an integrated UV light for a pristine, contamination-free environment. An ISO5 air filter ensures 99.995% particle capture at 0.3um, while a specialized venting mechanism removes potentially contaminated air from the lab space.
User-friendly & Powerful: The MGISTP-7000's software is a paragon of user-centric design. A single click automates pre-analytical steps, and its robust mechanics can transfer 192 samples to 96-Well Microplates in a mere 40 minutes.
Flexible Integration: On the connectivity front, the MGISTP-7000 is compatible with ZLIMS, facilitating seamless integration with third-party analytical instruments.
Select the MGISTP-7000 for a blend of efficiency, safety, and advanced capability in your lab workflows.


Safe and Reliable

Highly Compatible

High Reliability
Barcode data can be auto-transferred to other automation or LIMS for traceability
Two HEPA filters and UV light enhance safety for liquid transfers and lab technicians
Load sample tubes in a standard rack with one click to automate pre-analysis steps
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