A state-of-the-art automated workstation with an 8-channel pipette, specializing in sequencing library prep. With the capability to process samples in bulk, MGISP-100 not only ensures stability but also reduces operational costs, enhancing lab productivity. Tailored to user requirements, it boasts an array of integrated tools, including PCR machines, UV lamps, and temperature modules, and promotes hands-free, precise, and streamlined operations.
The MGISP-100 stands as an advanced automated workstation,
Adeptly crafted with an 8-channel pipette for seamless sequencing library preparations. Its batch processing capability guarantees consistent outputs, optimizes operational expenses, and drives laboratory efficiency to new heights. Beyond its core features, the MGISP-100 comes equipped with an ensemble of integrated tools, such as PCR machines, UV lamps, and precise temperature modules, ensuring a meticulous and autonomous operational experience.
Nucleic Acid Extraction

Enzymatic Reaction

Size selection

DNB Making
Magnetic Beads Purification


Target Capture

HEPA System
Open Platform
Tailored development crafted to meet specific and unique requirements
Comprehensive Protection
Equipped with a UV lamp and laminar flow hood for a thorough contamination prevention approach
Economic & Efficient
Fully autonomous system, processes samples in bulk, significantly minimising the need for manual intervention
Comprehensive Functions
Incorporates essential functional modules such as the PCR machine, magnetic rack, temperature modules
Automated PCR Machine
Precise temperature control from 4-990C
Integrated HEPA filter and 2 UV lamps
Effectively avoid the influence of pathogens and aerosols
Fixed-8 Channel Pipette Tool

HEPA & UV Disinfection
Fixed at 9mm, the pipetting tool can aspirate /dispense the same volume into microplate rows
Pipetting volumes between 2μL-200μL
Accurate positioning, fast movement, high efficiency
Automatic Up/Down Magnetic Rack
The magnetic rack can be up/down automatically
Avoids the need mechanical gripper for reliable and simple operation
Temperature Control Module
Accurate temperature control, range from 4o0C - 90oC
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